Family Law FAQs2022-01-13T17:26:25-06:00

Family Law FAQs

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?2022-03-04T14:46:47-06:00

An agreement made between a man and a woman before marrying in which they give up future rights to each other’s property in the event of a divorce or death.

What is Paternity?2022-03-04T14:46:26-06:00

Origin or descent from a father (to establish paternity is to confirm the identity of a child’s biological father).

What is Alimony?2022-03-04T14:46:11-06:00

An allowance made to one spouse by the other for support during or after a legal separation or divorce.

What is Martial Property?2022-03-04T14:45:55-06:00

Property acquired by either spouse during the course of a marriage that is subject to division upon divorce.

What is Emancipation?2022-03-04T14:45:41-06:00

A court process through which a minor becomes self-supporting, assumes adult responsibility for their personal welfare, and is no longer under the care of their parents.

Why are revocable trusts effective in complex estate planning situations?2022-01-17T23:20:58-06:00

Clients with business interests, blended families, or significant tax concerns should consider utilizing revocable living trusts to avoid unnecessary delays in the management of regular financial responsibilities. Establishing trusts may be effective in significantly decreasing the likelihood of a will contest, as trust are activated while the settlor (or trustor or grantor) is living versus in a will situation.

What does family law mean?2022-01-13T17:29:17-06:00

Family law is a set of rules that regulate the relationships between parents, children and other relatives. These include marriage or divorce agreements as well how disputes are resolved in this area

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