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Our philosophy here at Brown Law PLLC is to provide a personal approach to every single client matter. Our client matters are not “cookie-cutter.” We really want to get to know every client, know what situations are happening in our client’s life and business so that we are able to craft personal and creative solutions. We also, are relentless in our advocacy. We fight for every client, draft contracts that protect the business, formulate estate plans that secure personal assets, and negotiate an amicable and equitable division of marital assets and debts; all that the client has spent his or her whole life accruing.

We are both a traditional brick and mortar law firm and a virtual office. Our Firm embraces technology, which allows us to provide modern, cost-efficient, personal and creative legal services that reduce unnecessary overhead, and pass savings on to our clients. We employ a more cost-effective approach to billing, such as flat-rate or project-based billing, for most legal matters which make our services more affordable to our clients.

Additionally, we offer flexible payment plans as well as evening and weekend appointments. Our Firm employs virtual appointment settings, such as web-based conferencing, screen-share capabilities, and encrypted client portals, all from the convenience and comfort of your home or office. We employ an online appointment scheduling system that enables clients to easily schedule in-person appointments, phone appointments, as well as virtual meetings via the appointment page of our website.