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If the decedent had a will, then probate is required.

If there’s an attorney-advised trust with them in it instead of regular administration through Court proceedings which can take months and cost you money (lots), we’ll handle all that for you!

Houston trust attorney, Christy K. Brown, JD, PCC, works with her clients to set up trusts on their behalf. These trusts can help your family to avoid going through a long and costly probate process and help you to lower the costs of estate taxes when your property is transferred. 

Attorney Brown will provide legal guidance to whomever you name your trustee, the person who 

is in charge of managing the trust. Setting up a trust also grants you the ability to dictate when your beneficiaries receive their inheritance. 

Estate planning that includes an attorney-advised trust will help you to minimize the amount of time and money your family will have to spend in order to gain access to your assets. Our law firm works with clients to help them come up with a strategy for passing down their estate in the simplest way possible. 

This planning helps your loved ones avoid complex court proceedings. Set up an appointment with our Houston trust attorney to learn more about how you can protect your loved ones from unnecessary legal proceedings when you pass away.