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Afton Oaks Houston Probate Attorney

The estate and probate process is a long and costly process that can be taxing on someone who has just faced the loss of a loved one. This is why Attorney Christy K. Brown, JD, PCC, is dedicated to providing personal care to each client she works with. She is focused on assisting individuals and families with all of the legal needs that come along with the probate of their loved one’s will and trusts. Part of this is overseeing the probate real estate transfer, so that you can resolve these issues as efficiently as possible. 

Our law firm is here for you. We take the time to get to know each individual client we work with, so that we can better understand their unique situation, needs, and challenges. Reach out to our law office today to learn more about how the services we offer can help you through this process so you can move forward.

Afton Oaks Houston Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning encompasses much more than just drafting a will and creating a trust for passing on your assets. Attorney Christy K. Brown, JD, PCC, works with her clients to help them create a lasting legacy. This is done by thoughtful planning that helps to protect and grow your assets for generations to come. Additionally, she offers her clients valuable tax advice and constructs a plan for later-life care that suits their unique personal and financial needs. It is never too early to begin planning for the future, contact our office today to take the first step to planning yours.

Afton Oaks Houston Business Law Attorney

When starting a new business, it is vital that you file all of the needed documents in order to establish a legal company. You will be responsible for choosing the most appropriate business structure for your company, drafting contracts for your employees and the business you work with, and protecting yourself and company from potential liabilities. Having an experienced business attorney on your side can help you to navigate the legal side of your business to ensure you have a strong foundation. Call our law firm today to learn more about the services offered by our Afton Oaks business law attorney.

Afton Oaks Houston Trust Attorney

With comprehensive estate planning, it is possible to minimize the financial and time consuming process your family will have to endure in order to gain access to your assets. Attorney Christy K. Brown, JD, PCC, works with her clients to help them construct a plan for passing down their estate in the easiest way possible. This planning helps your loved ones avoid lengthy court proceedings and unnecessary court costs. Schedule an appointment with our Afton Oaks trust attorney to learn more about how you can protect your loved ones from complex legal proceedings after you pass away.

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Afton Oaks Houston Probate Attorney